Friday, July 22, 2011

Make All Links Open In A New Window

If you compose your blog, as I do, with lots of links to other blogs and web sites, you may make it convenient for your readers to view those other blogs or web sites then return to your blog. Instead of viewing the other blog or web site in the same window, you open the other blog or web site in a new window. When your reader finishes viewing the other blog or web site, he / she simply closes the new window. The article that he or she was reading, in your blog, is right there in front of them.

You can, similarly, do this with pictures. If you want your reader to view a picture, then return to the text in your article, you open the picture in a new window.

Instead of coding each individual link to a blog, picture, or web site, you can make all links within your blog open in a new window. Simply add a "<base target='_blank' />" to your blog, in the header.


And change that to:
<base target='_blank' />

But, consider this carefully. If you construct your blog heavily using hypertext, as I construct my blogs, do you really want your readers having to close a window each time they finish reading a linked article in your blog? Do this with discretion.

While the reader is in your blog, give them one choice of what to read at any time. If they click on a link to read some detail, let them read the detail. Then, they click on the Back button, and return to where they left the previous article. Only if the reader is leaving your blog, to read another web site for detail, should you keep your blog open in the current window, and open a new window for the new web site.

Of course, if you have an insanely huge amount of links that you would like this way, maybe in a few linklists, you could host the linklists in another blog, and include the other blog in an iframe or maybe a series of posts linked to your public blog. Maybe including the iframe in your sidebar would work for you.

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